Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Ctenophore Blogging

With profuse and apologetic thanks to Phila for the inspirational example of his very popular Nudibranch Blogging, I present a selection of Ctenophores!

Ctenophores are bioluminescent biradially symmetrical hermaphroditic solitary marine animals resembling jellyfishes having for locomotion eight rows of cilia arranged like teeth in a comb.

No flirting!

Although powers of regeneration are great, no evidence for asexual reproduction by fission. Reproduction considered to be entirely sexual. Most species are hermaphroditic, but some gonochoristic. In most, gametes shed through mouth, fertilization and development external.

Elastic mesenchyme provides "skeletal" support, with muscle cells providing tonus for body shape. Neutrally bouyant, but swim using comb rows with ctenes (transverse bands of partially or wholly fused cilia beating as a unit).

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