Friday, August 14, 2009

mad owls staring wildly
the mice give themselves up in despair
snakes bemoan their lack of feet
birds search for the lost sun

i heard the books unspeaking themselves
daylight apologising to the night
winds that would only blow beneath the ground
because they were traumatised by clouds

hand me back my feet
listen for where to find your eyes
roll around on the ground looking for your shoes
and stand up like a man again


if we were electrons
heisenberg would tell us where we might be found
and we would eat gravity for lunch

but as it is
we emit influence without knowing it
and though we think we are fixed while the universe whirls around us
in truth, all our gravities work on all each
and torque us without mercy

so forgive us our physics
as we forgive those who cut in on our valences
as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be
world without end, amen


(the painting is 'wind swept', by "cmz"


  1. why, thank you, mimi!

    hope you are having a good time in canada...

  2. Very moving poetic, Lawrence! You're a man of many special talents.