Monday, July 20, 2009

Monteverdi - Oblivion Soave

First performed in 1642, L'Incoronazione di Poppea is the masterpiece of the first major composer both of Opera and of the Baroque era in general, Claudio Monteverdi. However, this beautiful lullaby does not seem to be confined by the musical conventions of its time.

Poppea was married to the cruel emperor Nero, and we should mourn for her sad end. Here she has a moment of peace...

Adagiati, Poppea,

acquietati, anima mia:

sarai ben custodita.

Oblivion soave

i dolci sentimenti

in te, figlia, addormenti.

Posatevi, occhi ladri;

aperti, deh, che fate,

se chiusi ancor rubate?

Poppea, rimanti in pace;

luci care e gradite,

dormite, omai dormite.


Lie down now, Poppea,

hush, my darling;

you shall be guarded.

May gentle oblivion

lull sweet thoughts

in you, my child.

Now rest, thievish eyes;

why stay open

if you can steal all hearts even when closed?

Poppea, rest calmly;

dear eyes, fond eyes,

sleep now, sleep.

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